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Joy-IT JDS6600

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In the past, every electronics technician had a function generator with an XR in his hobby lab, but those days are long gone. Nowadays such a generator works with a DDS chip that generates frequencies digitally. Unfortunately, a decent DDS function generator isn't really cheap - or is it? The JOY-iT DDS function generator, which we will examine for you, promises a wide frequency range and a wide range of options at a low price.

Is there a catch?

Review: JOY-iT JDS6600 DDS-signaalgenerator

We'll start with the bad news right away. It looks rather cheap, and the manufacturer could have invested more in it. More on that in a moment. All settings for the two output signals are shown on the display. On the front there is a small but clear LCD that shows all settings, a number of operating buttons, a rotary knob and three BNC sockets, two outputs and an input for the frequency counter that is also installed. The device can therefore provide two output signals that can be set independently of each other or paired.

The supply voltage is supplied by a mains adapter included in the package.Frequency Characteristics.

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Waveform Characteristics. Duty-cycle range Pulse. Output Characteristics. All the signal output termianl can be shorted within 60s. External Measurement Function. Tring ACExt. Tring DC. Surface-mount technology, FPGA design, high reliability, long service life. Sold: 0 SKU Stocks: 0. Ship From:.

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jds6600 review

Year: Select. This part is compatible with 0 vehicle s. Show all compatible vehicles. This part is compatible with 1 vehicle s matching. Recent searches. Customers who view this item also bought.Use soft silicone keys instead of traditional patch keys, high sensitivity and convenient for operation. Using DDS direct digital synthesis technology to generate precise, stable and low distortion output signal. Completely independent dual channels output, synchronizing operation and adjustable phase difference.

Great improvement for square wave performance, square frequency range up to 15MHzwith no distortion. Pulse pulse width and pulse cycle time is precisely adjustable, adjust the range of 30nSS 9. Storage feature: can store groups of parameters set by the user and extract at any time. Counter function: with DC and AC coupling modes.

Arbitrary wave editing function: user can edit arbitrary wave on PC and then download to output from the instrument. Explained Video:. Your Review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Original serial applications are totally compatible, without any modification in Windows operation system. Hardware full duplex serial UART interface, built-in transmit-receive buffer, supports communication baudrate varies from 50bps to 2Mbps.

Software compatible with CH, use driver of CH directly. Support 5V and 3. Absolute pressure range: 10 — mbar 2. Chip memory 6 parameters for software compensation 4. Piezo resistive silicon micro sensor 5. Integrated micro pressure sensor 6. Operating voltage 2. Waterproof, maximum water depth of meters ISO Add to Wishlist. Category: Uncategorized.

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jds6600 review

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Ship to. Wish List. Account Welcome to AliExpress! Welcome back. All Categories. Hot promotions in jds on aliexpress:. Related Search: digital function generator fy generator sine fy hz meter gener arbitrary generator function fy signal generator 60mhz function generator frequenc waveform Hot Search: crimp nuts navy linen robe brown sick cases lamp mm mans angel net racing sick chair vest ronin.

Google Play App Store. All rights reserved. Scan or click to download.Nog geen account? Registreer hier! E-mail Wachtwoord Wachtwoord onthouden. Heeft u al een Elektor ID account? Klik dan hier om in te loggen. Lid worden. Vroeger had elke elektronicus in zijn hobby- lab wel een functiegenerator met een XR staan, maar die tijden zijn al lang voorbij.

Tegenwoordig werkt zo'n generator met een DDS-chip die frequenties digitaal opwekt. Helaas is een fatsoenlijke DDS-functiegenerator niet echt goedkoop — of soms toch wel?

De JOY-iT DDS-functiegenerator die we voor u onder de loep nemen, belooft een groot frequentiebereik en een heleboel mogelijkheden voor een bodemprijs.

Zit er misschien een addertje onder het frequentiegras? We zullen maar meteen beginnen met het slechte nieuws. Die ziet er nogal goedkoop uit, daar had de fabrikant wel een paar euro meer in mogen investeren. Daarover zo meteen meer. Alle instellingen voor de twee uitgangssignalen zijn op het display te zien. Op het front zitten een klein maar duidelijk LCD dat alle instellingen toont, een aantal bedieningsknoppen, een draaiknop en drie BNC-bussen, twee uitgangen en een ingang voor de eveneens ingebouwde frequentieteller.

Het apparaatje kan dus twee uitgangssignalen leveren die onafhankelijk van elkaar of gekoppeld kunnen worden ingesteld. De voeding wordt verzorgd door een bijgeleverde netspanningsadapter. Er kan worden Het instellen is ook via de PC mogelijk.

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De instelbare offsetspanning heeft vergelijkbare waarden. Verder kan de JDS signaal-bursts en frequentie-sweeps opwekken. Bekijk in store. Discussion 0 opmerkingen. Voeg reactie toe. Embed Code voor artikel. Wachtwoord onthouden. Inloggen Wachtwoord vergeten? Wachtwoord vergeten? De instructies om uw wachtwoord te resetten worden naar u toegemaild.However the unit came with no instructions or other paperwork.

I assume a manual will follow later. The unit arrived well-packed via FedEx.

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Lovely to look at and extremely comprehensive in operation, the FY is a compact unit that belies the vast range of functions it handles. In the packaging came the unit and a box of leads as described. In fairness the web spec does seem pretty comprehensive but some images and examples of use would have been good.

Here is the unit sitting on my bench, running, alongside a new meter and variable supply space is at a premium in my temporary office here in the countryside.

Meanwhile… if you recall my write-up on the FY, operation is straight forward with all controls on the front panel. The unit comes with a large number of preset waveforms and you can add your own. On the downside after the unit had been running on my bench for a couple of hours, despite running only luke-warm, there was a distinct smell of burning through the vents in the back.

Temperature here in Northumberland is 20c. Note: the information below is taken straight from the Feeltech website. I cannot accept responsibility for mistakes.

jds6600 review

I note the EEV blog has this info but unmodified. The instrument adopts DDS direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate, stable, low-distortion output signals.

All parameters are calibrated by internal programs; standard PC software, all functions of the instrument can be controlled by the host computer software, and also can use the upper position. The machine software saves the arbitrary waveform and saves the output waveform to the signal generator; the communication protocol is open, making secondary development very simple; large-scale integrated circuit, surface mount technology, high reliability, long service life and output short-circuit protection are all there, so all signal outputs can work under load short-circuit conditions.

The higher the resolution, the smoother the waveform details. We recommend you use an oscilloscope to reduce the amplitude resolution and time-base to observe the details of the sine wave.

The waveform detail and smoothness of the two solutions will be immediately obvious. The rising edge time within the square wave 5V is as low as 7nS, and the maximum output frequency can reach 25MHz. The instrument output waveform totals 97 groups.

jds6600 review

The maximum measurement frequency of the instrument can reach MHz, and the minimum measurement frequency is 0.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

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Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I was going to buy a cheap Feeltech, but some have reported that its lack of proper grounding is allowing voltages of around 90 volts at 1 milliamp to run through the probes.

Concerns have been raised about connecting it to mpus and such. So I was kind of resigned to swapping out the internal power supply for something better, which is expensive and bothersome. A full color LCD display on the front. Power through a wall wart, so no high voltage transients running around. Some very nice software that appears to do a lot more than the remote control software for the Feeltech. A whack of pre-programmed waveforms, most of which have names I don't recognize.

A proper sine wave up to 25Mhz. And apparently some decent square and triangle waves up to 15Mhz the feeltech crapped out around 4Mhz. The ability to store up to 60 different user defined waveforms, as well as sample an incoming wave form. Dual channel outputs. There are a ton of specifications on the site. I won't pretend to know whether they're significant. I'm hoping you folks do. I have the impression that this thing is somewhere in between the Feeltech cheapie, and a name brand signal generator from Rigol et al.

I'm leaning towards buying one. I'd sure appreciate feedback from all of you. Or any of you. Let me know what you think, Kay? Thanks, folks - Charlie. Sure seems to do a lot. Well, I guess we'll all find out together! I've ordered it from AliExpress, and they'll be shipping via e-packet. So I should have it in about 3 weeks.

When it shows up, I'll share my experiences here. Take care, all. Hope this works! Nice to hear! I look forward to your review and take it apart video. Perhaps you could link him to some of your teardown or review videos to help him better understand what you are asking for. I've been planning a YouTube channel for about a year - or more - now.

I have a lot of cool DIY projects that center around 3D printing, and a lot more - like a review of the JDSand an updated review on the Korad power supply - centering around electronics. So there's a lot of topic material there. Yes, I'll be doing a bit of a teardown on the when it shows up - at least enough to show people what's in the case - and some decent testing of the signal quality vs frequency.


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